Taking Pride in My Work

I recently had reason to go into a motor registry, twice.

I had tried to do the jobs on line through myRTA, but eventually they defeated me. The biggest problem, in both cases, was proving I was who I said I was, so into the registry I went in person.

I was rather impressed. The SmartQueue worked well and I didn’t have to wait very long, the staff at the counters were cheerful and helpful and my tasks took only a few minutes. Everything worked beautifully and I felt a brief glow of pride that I had played a tiny part in making things work that way.

One of the great things about being an engineer (even a software engineer) is seeing what you have built actually in use and helping people.

I’ve had my share of failures, things that never got off the ground, sometimes justifiably, sometimes not, things that made it through to prototype and worked beautifully, but weren’t what my corporate masters wanted, and a few that went out into the real world.

The first of these was a single-board computer built of medium-scale integrated circuits. (The most elaborate IC was a four-bit arithmetic unit; it had five of them.) This computer controlled a queueing telephone exchange (as used at what are now called call-centres) that was designed and built here in Australia. When I left Ericcson, four of these had been delivered and something like fifteen were on order. Fifteen years later I read that several hundred were in use around the world and still used my computer. (The article gave me the impression they were still manufacturing them, but I really doubt that; I think they would have trouble getting the parts.) So I built something that lasted fifteen years at least. Big glow of pride there.

Telectronics designed and manufactured cardiac pacemakers. These are gadgets implanted into people to make their hearts run properly. They need to be set and adjusted for each patient and they keep records of what they are doing to help the cardiologists work out what to do next. My task was to provide the device that enabled them to do this. I don’t know how many were made, but they would have been in use as long as the batteries lasted in the implants. That would have been ten or fifteen years after we stopped manufacturing them.

Toshiba makes printers and I can’t lay claim to a whole printer, but I can lay claim, in their PostScript printers, to the colour and image processing components. They were certainly used in real products sold to real people while I was there and presumably for some years after. People won’t know of me or of my work; they will just expect their printer to work. But I know that without me they wouldn’t work as well, or maybe even, wouldn’t have a Toshiba printer, and in that I take pride.

Losing Weight Tips – Shed Weight In A More Healthy Approach

Talking about weight loss, the first step to take is to obtain a suitable, working and  organic eating plan designed by an highly experienced diet and nutrition expert. The dietician must see to it that the overweight  patient is well tested before any program could be provided. The diet plan created by the diet and nutrition expert should be organic and include all the essential nutriments required by the body in their right proportions. Another very important step to take is to take lots of water. It is one of the losing weight tips your doctor would recommend.

After consulting an expert concerning your weight loss strategy, Here are tips that will be provided by your dietician to help maintain and retain your weight loss. Drinking lots of water will be highly recommended. The reason being that water is a superb flusher of fecal matter and toxic waste from the body. It reinforces your metabolic rate. Drinking  lots of water everyday also helps you to get rid of excess stored water in your body.

I’m so sure that  if you had the time to consult a physician on your weight problem, one very crucial thing  which can not be omitted is that you would be told to get rid of junk foods. Though , this appears as a common sense knowledge to everybody especially those who want to lose their weight, still; it needs to be mentioned since most overweight people have enormous cravings for  junk foods which tend to make them add more weight and  unhealthy.

Eat several portions of small meals throughout the day not exceeding six small portions of meals. The small meals must contain only healthy and nutritional sources of carbohydrate, fats and oils, mineral salts and  proteins especially. For other nutriments, make sure your water is clean and safe to drink, all vitamins must be present especially vitamin D which is needed by most adults. Ensure that your roughages such as the fruits and vegetables are farm fresh.  Make sure your nuts are raw. You get the best out of them when they are in these states.  Eat according to the Glycemic Index, eating meals within the range of low and medium index foods.

Another helpful tip is to take a good record of what you eat in a day and also weigh yourself  at least two times during day and one more time before going to bed. Doing this lets you realize how much weight you are losing and how fast you are losing them.

As part of your losing weight tips, you have to start  learning how to take dinner early.  If your supper time usually falls between 8pm and 9pm, Kindly reschedule your evening meals between 6pm and 7pm maximum, so that by 10pm you are good to sleep. I’m so certain that you don’t want those small portions of calories to lie fallow in your stomach and turn into the giants that overload you with those “nice” pounds.

In case you feel hungry before going to bed, just take lots of water or fruits. Fruits get digested immediately, so there’s no harm in taking them. Remember they are great sources of fibre full of health benefits. Fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts can be taken between meals so as not to eat so much during dinner. Regular snacking on fruits and vegetales as well as raw nuts will help to keep the hunger pangs away.

Eating slowly should be imbibed as a culture to most overweight people. Eat slowly and consciously, it makes you to be relaxed and savour the taste of what you are eating.  Eating slowly also helps you to properly masticate your food before swallowing them and makes you to be filled up without having to eat so much. This further helps in yougr digestion without burdening the digestive system with overloads.

Occsssional snacking is allowed as long as they are done in moderation and burnt off. Don’t binge so hard on pizza, ham burgers, sausages, meat-pies, and the likes. Remember, they are not friendly with your body type. You can substitute them with fruits like apples, pineapples, irish grapes, srawberries, mangoes e.t.c.

Having an active lifestyle is one of the losing weght tips that work successfully. Avoid sitting down for long hours in front of the t.v set or engaging in any other sedentary activities. Those with active lifestyles would not experience any form of of problem in this area. You can start an active lifestyle by doing household chores like mopping the floor,  doing the laundry instead of  using the washing machine, take your dog on a walk within your neighourhood with your group of friends taking their dogs on a walk as well, enjoy swimming with family or friends, amongst others. If you live an active lifestyle, you don’t really need any exercise because you are already engaging it without realising it. One more thing, Keep friends with active lifestyles to ensure that you are active.

Avoid late night movies so as not to find yourself eating after dinner. Also, going to bed early will help you get the required rest your body needs after along, long day. Don’t deprive your body of the amount of  rest it needs. When you go to bed early,  you would not find yourself craving for food. I believe you don’t want to find your self remaining in the same shape at the end of your weight loss program. Always have a bottle of water by your bedside to drink in case you wake up in the middle of the night this would prevent you from prying into the kitchen or refrigerator. Also, during this time, your system needs water and not food.

These losing weight tips  that i have thoroughly carved out for you will utmostly help you to shed weight and retain the frame if  you truly follow them.

Does Bee Pollen Cause Acne

As you may or may not know, bee pollen has been known to be a super food.  It contains the various vitamins, nutrients, and minerals which are all necessary for our body to function properly. It can help to cure cancer and it can be used for other things as well, as such as acne treatment.

Many people do not think this works, and studies show that it does not always work for those who are dealing with issues related to acne and their skin.

Some studies looked when it comes to it, but the truth is that there is no medical evidence at all between the pollen and acne from several reviews of bee pollen.  In his article, we will talk about this a bit more so you can better understand.

Many people want to know how the pollen can affect whelk.  Truth is, there is no effect on it.  It contains a ton of nutrients and also the building blocks needed for growth of the bee colony itself. It does benefit the human body in many ways, because it contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, iron, zinc, and manganese.

Those who believe that it can help your skin are those who are into alternative therapy and medicine.

One dermatologist in Sweden believes that it can help pimples.  He believes that it helps to nourish the skin all together and it stimulates cells to be renewed due to the high amounts of nutrients.

This doctor has also successfully treated patients who suffer from eczema, acne, and diaper rash.  Studies have been done on this and they show that it does not support helping related skin conditions what so ever.

When taking bee pollen, you need to make sure that you do not have an allergic reaction to this supplement.  If you re allergic to bees, pollen, or honey, you should not take in such pollen in your diet at all.  This will cause an allergic reaction to take place, which can be harmful if you are deathly allergic to any of the things listed.

If you are suffering from pimples, you can try over the counter supplements to take or you can change your diet.  Studies show that diet changes can definitely help those who looking to reduce acne on their skin.  The pollen is beneficial for the body but it is not beneficial when it comes to acne, according to various studies.

The pollen is overall a great supplement to take and we here highly recommend it for their body.  There are amazing benefits that we here love and we are sure you will love them just as much as us! If you are thinking about using this for acne, think again because it does not work.

If you want a good acne solution, you should try changing your overall diet and reducing fatty and oily foods from your diet.  If that does not work, see your dermatologist for a better idea of what you can do about acne.

I am a little worried

I am having surgery on these days. It is a double mastectomy with reconstruction. After the tissue is examined, I will find out if I need chemo or radiation.

Supporting Actions:

I have done a lot of internet research and read all of the material the doctors gave me. I think I am ready.

Background Information:

One of my concerns is I have fibromyalgia. I have had 2 back surgeries and am in constant pain.

Come at this from all directions

You have given the doctors the job of removing your sickness and they will do everything in the power to do so. Take comfort in that, removing the disease is no longer your job it is theirs.

Let the worry and fear go along with all your thoughts of the disease.

Now your job is to bring out the health and well being that is inside you. You will succeed. You just need to approach this task from every angle feasible. Anything that you envision a “healthy you” doing, you need to start doing today.

You don’t have time to take this slow and make one change at a time. Your health is your top priority so you need to find time to do everything you possibly can think of.

If you see the “healthy you” eating better than change your diet to as healthy a diet as you possibly can muster (no sugar, vegetarian, only raw food, .etc.)Whatever you see as the optimum diet for your health you need to do today. Doesn’t matter if you have to throw half the food in your kitchen away, do it. Doesn’t matter if you have to hire a nutrionist or even someone to cook healthy meals for you, do it.

If the “healthy you” does yoga and exercises, than start doing the most intense yoga you can handle today (Bikram, Ashtanga, etc.) Bikram is great because you sweat out so much of the toxins in your body. If you have to hire a personal trainer, do it. If you have to hire a yoga instructor to come to your house, do it.

If the “healthy you” meditaties, than start meditating as much as possible (morning, evening, etc.)

And finally and most importantly, do all the things that would bring the “healthy you” pleasure and joy. Go dancing, take a trip, go to the beach, visit friends. If your job gives you joy, than keep going, if it doesn’t than take a leave of absence, so you have the time to do it all. Do everything that gives you joy and do it today.

You have to send a message to God and the universe that a healthy you is your choice, it is your top priority. God and the Universe will respond.

I am sending you loving positive thoughts. I see you as the healthy person you know you are.

Stay nicotine free

I am totally nicotine free and have desire to smoke. the benefits of this new life style reaches far beyond MY body and brings added health and inspiration to those around me.
Supporting Actions:

find something else to do
get the smokes into a really inconvenient place
no smoking in the house
no smoking! 😉
Background Information:

I recently had a total hip operation, And while in the hospital i did not and could not smoke. i was discharged from the hospital after only 3 days. however having a few smokes left i thought i could smoke them and still be free from them. I really had desire to smoke only a few times while in the hospital, therefore i have deduced that much of my smoking is habit and psychological in nature. So with the added help of people from around the globe i know that i can get rid of this addiction, because it really isn’t a comfort!

There is a saying: “you are one puff away from a pack a day”. I hope it brings strength rather than despair! When you feel the urge, just think of that–being ONE puff away from being a pack a day smoker. The other thing is this: we often find it difficult to give up things once we consider them taboo. So when an urge strikes, tell yourself “I am a grown person. I am an adult. I CAN smoke if I choose. And I WILL smoke, IF I WANT to, in ten minutes.” Voila–the urge passes. Ten minutes later, you’ve forgotten all about it–or just do the same trick again. Good luck! NOw THINK ME THIN! :0(

Perfect Vision

I intend to realize that my vision is perfect and not deteriorating as is common in men/women my age (45). There are times when I wake up in the middle of the night and my vision is as perfect as its always been. So now I’m going to focus on perfect vision.

Here are some good comments here:

Everybody seems to be in agreement on this one. The hearing and vision issues are DEFINITELY not related to age so much as social conditioning. Our families have _graciously_ shared with us their mis-beliefs. Its up to us and our future generations to overcome these negative expectations. I now believe I have perfect vision and am already seeing some improvements.

One thing that is helpful is to stay in a positive tone, always. That means not thinking of deteriorating vision as a common occurrence.

At one time, I seemed to experience bronchitis every spring, and soon I “expected” it to happen. I would tell people that I “always get bronchitis in the spring.” I learned from Wayne Dyer, that expecting it or seeing it as common was the biggest part of my problem. When I stopped seeing that as a normal occurrence, the bronchitis stopped occurring.

You have every reason to believe that your vision will remain strong and even improve. Changing your thoughts to expecting perfect vision will make a difference.

Louise Hay wrote a book that I refer to often. It is called “Heal Your Body A-Z – The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Way to Overcome Them.” According to this book, our error thinking caused the physical problem, so correcting our thinking, can correct the problem. An affirmation that Louise Hay recommends for vision is “I see with love and joy.” Many times the affirmations she lists help me to correct my thoughts and improve my positive focus.

My vision has improved dramatically in the past year. I’m now working on my hearing. I experience tinnitus (ringing) and I know that because others in my immediate family experience the same thing, I accepted it as “normal” and unavoidable. I have had to change my thinking and now I see that perfect hearing is available to me by changing my beliefs.

Perfect vision is yours! I “see” it clearly!

Every Day Gratitude

I am happy and grateful for everything I have and everything I receive daily.

I see myself living a life in which I’m absolutely, totally healthy. Everything is working together for my good. There’s prosperity flowing through me. I’m in a place of employment that I really love. I’m really providing value everywhere I go. Thank you for my family, friends and coworkers and fellow board posters.

I am happy and grateful for being a money magnet and have checks in the mail!

I am happy and grateful for having a great chiro!!

I am happy and grateful for letting the slender in.

I am happy and grateful for feeling great physically.

I’m so happy and grateful now that I pay it forward.

I’m so happy and grateful now that I truly believe in the Secret.

Thank you for providing everything I receive and everything I visualize every day

Factors to consider when choosing toys for toddlers

Everyone agrees that the years of a toddler should be happy, healthy, and full of fun. It seems that, to help accomplish this goal, parents and grandparents are always in search of the perfect toy. Sadly, there is no perfect toy that works for every toddler. There are some general guidelines that should make toy purchases easier.

Safety first

The first and most important thing is safety. No toddler should every be put at risk because adults did not put safety first. It is not as easy as it sounds. It is important to know where the toy was manufactured. There are different requirements in different countries as far as safety is concerned. Read information about the toy’s manufacture. Little pieces that can be broken off and swallowed should be avoided. It is important to note if the toy is age appropriate.

Skill level

The toddler needs to be have some success playing with the toy all by himself. He may not completely understand how it works, but he needs to have fun. It is important to make sure nothing will pinch or hurt a child who may not understand how a toy works. It is acceptable to buy a child a toy that they will grow into, as long as it does not frustrate the child. Do not be concerned if they play with pots and pans. Allow them to use their imagination.

Noise level

If the toy irritates everyone in the house, do not bring it home. Toddlers love repetition. They will hit the same button and listen to the same annoying sounds for hours. Be considerate of the whole family.

Avoid over abundance

A toddler can only play with one toy at a time. A toddler does not require too many toys. In fact toy rotation is beneficial for the child and saves money. Toys often end up covered in germs. Rotating the toys gives the parents a chance to clean, inspect and repair toys that need fixing.

Toddlers are fickle

They may love a toy for two hours and then want nothing to do with it for two weeks. Do not despair. This too shall pass. Take it away and introduce it at another time and it is certain to be a hit.  Don’t let feelings get hurt over the attention a toddler pays to a toy.

Toddlers do not need to have a lot of toys to be happy, but it is a good idea to have some quality toys for them to enjoy. It is fun to teach them to earn their toys. They learn to earn rewards, and again it gives parents time to clean and check toys.