Taking Pride in My Work

I recently had reason to go into a motor registry, twice.

I had tried to do the jobs on line through myRTA, but eventually they defeated me. The biggest problem, in both cases, was proving I was who I said I was, so into the registry I went in person.

I was rather impressed. The SmartQueue worked well and I didn’t have to wait very long, the staff at the counters were cheerful and helpful and my tasks took only a few minutes. Everything worked beautifully and I felt a brief glow of pride that I had played a tiny part in making things work that way.

One of the great things about being an engineer (even a software engineer) is seeing what you have built actually in use and helping people.

I’ve had my share of failures, things that never got off the ground, sometimes justifiably, sometimes not, things that made it through to prototype and worked beautifully, but weren’t what my corporate masters wanted, and a few that went out into the real world.

The first of these was a single-board computer built of medium-scale integrated circuits. (The most elaborate IC was a four-bit arithmetic unit; it had five of them.) This computer controlled a queueing telephone exchange (as used at what are now called call-centres) that was designed and built here in Australia. When I left Ericcson, four of these had been delivered and something like fifteen were on order. Fifteen years later I read that several hundred were in use around the world and still used my computer. (The article gave me the impression they were still manufacturing them, but I really doubt that; I think they would have trouble getting the parts.) So I built something that lasted fifteen years at least. Big glow of pride there.

Telectronics designed and manufactured cardiac pacemakers. These are gadgets implanted into people to make their hearts run properly. They need to be set and adjusted for each patient and they keep records of what they are doing to help the cardiologists work out what to do next. My task was to provide the device that enabled them to do this. I don’t know how many were made, but they would have been in use as long as the batteries lasted in the implants. That would have been ten or fifteen years after we stopped manufacturing them.

Toshiba makes printers and I can’t lay claim to a whole printer, but I can lay claim, in their PostScript printers, to the colour and image processing components. They were certainly used in real products sold to real people while I was there and presumably for some years after. People won’t know of me or of my work; they will just expect their printer to work. But I know that without me they wouldn’t work as well, or maybe even, wouldn’t have a Toshiba printer, and in that I take pride.

Losing Weight Tips – Shed Weight In A More Healthy Approach

Talking about weight loss, the first step to take is to obtain a suitable, working and  organic eating plan designed by an highly experienced diet and nutrition expert. The dietician must see to it that the overweight  patient is well tested before any program could be provided. The diet plan created by the diet and nutrition expert should be organic and include all the essential nutriments required by the body in their right proportions. Another very important step to take is to take lots of water. It is one of the losing weight tips your doctor would recommend.

After consulting an expert concerning your weight loss strategy, Here are tips that will be provided by your dietician to help maintain and retain your weight loss. Drinking lots of water will be highly recommended. The reason being that water is a superb flusher of fecal matter and toxic waste from the body. It reinforces your metabolic rate. Drinking  lots of water everyday also helps you to get rid of excess stored water in your body.

I’m so sure that  if you had the time to consult a physician on your weight problem, one very crucial thing  which can not be omitted is that you would be told to get rid of junk foods. Though , this appears as a common sense knowledge to everybody especially those who want to lose their weight, still; it needs to be mentioned since most overweight people have enormous cravings for  junk foods which tend to make them add more weight and  unhealthy.

Eat several portions of small meals throughout the day not exceeding six small portions of meals. The small meals must contain only healthy and nutritional sources of carbohydrate, fats and oils, mineral salts and  proteins especially. For other nutriments, make sure your water is clean and safe to drink, all vitamins must be present especially vitamin D which is needed by most adults. Ensure that your roughages such as the fruits and vegetables are farm fresh.  Make sure your nuts are raw. You get the best out of them when they are in these states.  Eat according to the Glycemic Index, eating meals within the range of low and medium index foods.

Another helpful tip is to take a good record of what you eat in a day and also weigh yourself  at least two times during day and one more time before going to bed. Doing this lets you realize how much weight you are losing and how fast you are losing them.

As part of your losing weight tips, you have to start  learning how to take dinner early.  If your supper time usually falls between 8pm and 9pm, Kindly reschedule your evening meals between 6pm and 7pm maximum, so that by 10pm you are good to sleep. I’m so certain that you don’t want those small portions of calories to lie fallow in your stomach and turn into the giants that overload you with those “nice” pounds.

In case you feel hungry before going to bed, just take lots of water or fruits. Fruits get digested immediately, so there’s no harm in taking them. Remember they are great sources of fibre full of health benefits. Fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts can be taken between meals so as not to eat so much during dinner. Regular snacking on fruits and vegetales as well as raw nuts will help to keep the hunger pangs away.

Eating slowly should be imbibed as a culture to most overweight people. Eat slowly and consciously, it makes you to be relaxed and savour the taste of what you are eating.  Eating slowly also helps you to properly masticate your food before swallowing them and makes you to be filled up without having to eat so much. This further helps in yougr digestion without burdening the digestive system with overloads.

Occsssional snacking is allowed as long as they are done in moderation and burnt off. Don’t binge so hard on pizza, ham burgers, sausages, meat-pies, and the likes. Remember, they are not friendly with your body type. You can substitute them with fruits like apples, pineapples, irish grapes, srawberries, mangoes e.t.c.

Having an active lifestyle is one of the losing weght tips that work successfully. Avoid sitting down for long hours in front of the t.v set or engaging in any other sedentary activities. Those with active lifestyles would not experience any form of of problem in this area. You can start an active lifestyle by doing household chores like mopping the floor,  doing the laundry instead of  using the washing machine, take your dog on a walk within your neighourhood with your group of friends taking their dogs on a walk as well, enjoy swimming with family or friends, amongst others. If you live an active lifestyle, you don’t really need any exercise because you are already engaging it without realising it. One more thing, Keep friends with active lifestyles to ensure that you are active.

Avoid late night movies so as not to find yourself eating after dinner. Also, going to bed early will help you get the required rest your body needs after along, long day. Don’t deprive your body of the amount of  rest it needs. When you go to bed early,  you would not find yourself craving for food. I believe you don’t want to find your self remaining in the same shape at the end of your weight loss program. Always have a bottle of water by your bedside to drink in case you wake up in the middle of the night this would prevent you from prying into the kitchen or refrigerator. Also, during this time, your system needs water and not food.

These losing weight tips  that i have thoroughly carved out for you will utmostly help you to shed weight and retain the frame if  you truly follow them.

Does Bee Pollen Cause Acne

As you may or may not know, bee pollen has been known to be a super food.  It contains the various vitamins, nutrients, and minerals which are all necessary for our body to function properly. It can help to cure cancer and it can be used for other things as well, as such as acne treatment.

Many people do not think this works, and studies show that it does not always work for those who are dealing with issues related to acne and their skin.

Some studies looked when it comes to it, but the truth is that there is no medical evidence at all between the pollen and acne from several reviews of bee pollen.  In his article, we will talk about this a bit more so you can better understand.

Many people want to know how the pollen can affect whelk.  Truth is, there is no effect on it.  It contains a ton of nutrients and also the building blocks needed for growth of the bee colony itself. It does benefit the human body in many ways, because it contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, iron, zinc, and manganese.

Those who believe that it can help your skin are those who are into alternative therapy and medicine.

One dermatologist in Sweden believes that it can help pimples.  He believes that it helps to nourish the skin all together and it stimulates cells to be renewed due to the high amounts of nutrients.

This doctor has also successfully treated patients who suffer from eczema, acne, and diaper rash.  Studies have been done on this and they show that it does not support helping related skin conditions what so ever.

When taking bee pollen, you need to make sure that you do not have an allergic reaction to this supplement.  If you re allergic to bees, pollen, or honey, you should not take in such pollen in your diet at all.  This will cause an allergic reaction to take place, which can be harmful if you are deathly allergic to any of the things listed.

If you are suffering from pimples, you can try over the counter supplements to take or you can change your diet.  Studies show that diet changes can definitely help those who looking to reduce acne on their skin.  The pollen is beneficial for the body but it is not beneficial when it comes to acne, according to various studies.

The pollen is overall a great supplement to take and we here highly recommend it for their body.  There are amazing benefits that we here love and we are sure you will love them just as much as us! If you are thinking about using this for acne, think again because it does not work.

If you want a good acne solution, you should try changing your overall diet and reducing fatty and oily foods from your diet.  If that does not work, see your dermatologist for a better idea of what you can do about acne.

The Diabetes Phone

I’m not a gadget guy, but when I found out that Marc Perton, blogger at our sister site Engadget, was a type 1 diabetic I visited the site to see if he had mentioned any diabetes-related gadgets. Sure enough he did. Several in fact, the most recent being something known as the diabetes phone.

Heathpia, through its alliance with LG Electronics, a leading manufacturer of telecommunications equipment have developed a cell phone that does oh so much more than make a call.

The phone is equipped with a microchip which measures blood glucose levels. It also accumulates the data and delivers it to a doctor, thus enabling patients to get consultation and medication services without having to visit the hospital in person.

In addition, the phone manages a meal plan calculating the number of calories taken in; helps manage medication by giving an alarm to remind you of dosages; and even serves as an educational tool to provide various diabetes-related information.

Blood sugar level management…dietary treatment…medication management…diabetes education. That’s some cool phone! Oh, and you can place call and actually talk to someone on it too. Heh.

Resource: Type 2 Diabetes: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Hemorrhoids Cause More Than Just Physical Pain

Hemroids are a common ailment that affects almost 80% of the first world at some point in their lives. Physical symptoms can vary greatly, but are generally uncomfortable for those suffering from hemroids. What many people don’t talk about however is the psychological effect hemroids can have on a sufferer. Panic attacks are a nasty side effect that can result from this condition, and it’s a vicious cycle. Often these panic attacks can cause someone with the condition to be paralyzed with fear, which in turn causes them to avoid immediate treatment, which then just makes them get worse, making the panic attacks even worse.

What Are Hemroids?

Hemroids are simply an inflammation or swelling of the veins surrounding the anus. It’s been a common ailment for people throughout history, and studies show that 80% of people will suffer from this at some point in their lives. The first step for those suffering anxiety and panic attacks is to know that this is a very common ailment.

Do You Have Hemroids?

It is usually pretty easy to tell if you have hemroids or not. The symptoms are pretty obvious, and deal with a very specific part of your body, the anus. The symptoms can be as mild as itchiness or mild irritation around the anus, or as extreme as defecating without warning. Lumps or swelling in the anal area are also common symptoms, as well as pain or seeing blood in your poop or on your toilet paper after using the bathroom. Even the mildest symptoms can bring forth a panic attack however.

Is It Treatable?

The good news is that hemroids are very treatable. The bad news is that some of the more common treatments can be very annoying or even painful. Some of the more common treatments that have been used over the years involve using elastic bands tightly wound around the hemroid to cut off blood supply and essentially kill the lump and make it fall off. Surgeries are also a common treatment. Both of these options can make someone with panic attacks even more fearful and nervous.

There is good news though. Recent breakthroughs and discoveries about the body have resulted in non invasive and natural treatments. These types of treatments focus heavily on natural and innovative ways to treat hemroids. Those suffering panic attacks love the treatments offered by Webmd both because it is painless, and extremely fast.

Overcoming The Panic Attacks: A Real Life Example

Robert, an author from South Carolina, suffered from hemroids. His profession, and age probably both contributed to the onset of his hemroids, as he would spend hours sitting while working. It started off mildly enough, with some itching. Soon he saw blood when wiping however. This caused Robert to suffer from anxiety, and when he found about common treatments, including invasive surgery, he suffered from full blown panic attacks, which hurt his work life and family life. Eventually his wife found and after explaining the natural and effective treatment to her husband got him to try the system. Robert saw immediate results, and was hemroid free in days. With they gone, so went the panic attacks. Remember, the panic attacks will just get worse if you ignore treatment. Some treatments like the system Robert used however, will get rid of them as well as the panic attacks they cause.

Phentermine to Control Appetite

Even though you just had lunch with your friends, you often crave for some snack. It seems like you have trouble to control your appetite. You always want to eat more and more. Eventually, your big appetite will make you gain some weight. If you keep going on like this, you will end up having obese body. You surely don’t want to look fat and ugly. Besides that, you may know that obesity brings health problem. You may need medical treatment to survive your days. If you don’t want to end up like this, you need to control your appetite.

It takes big effort and strong commitment to change your eating habit and stop eating snacks between meal times. At first, you may find the strong urge to run and grab some snack. You will need some help to handle this problem. You can take some diet pills that work to control your appetite. Phentermine is known as one of the best diet pills that can work effectively in your body to control your appetite. You only need to take some pills every day and you will feel the difference. You will feel that your body doesn’t crave for snack as much as it used to be.

You only need to buy Phentermine and get your stock on appetite control pills. Then, you only need to take your daily dosage of Phentermine and lose your big appetite on snacks. Even though you aren’t on diet program, Phentermine can still help you to maintain your ideal body. It helps you to control your appetite. It makes you stop eating high calorie snacks that can make you gain more weight. Phentermine 37.5 will make sure that you will lose your big appetite for these unhealthy snacks. It prevents your body from gaining weight because of these snacks.

Why losing teeth

There are way too many factors when a tooth comes out like that.

Implants are the best choice provided your dentist agrees you are an excellent candidate.

Implants take a very through evaluation by a certified specialist, not all dentist place them. Dental Insurance might not cover them either.

Then you need a crown or bridge.

So we’re talking thousands of dollars.

There is periodontal disease, which in that case teeth have mobility or extreme mobility and that is when patients are in dire need of a good oral evaluation with x-rays as well.

It takes time for teeth to get mobile, when we are young our gums are in excellent condition, but in the long run if there is no good oral hygiene, it is a road of pain and suffering.

Dentistry has become very patient friendly.

In the office doctors make sure our patients are aware of how to take care of their oral hygiene, we make sure they have all their questions answered, before they leave our office, regardless if it’s about insurance or dental questions about their mouth.

There’s always a broken tooth from opening “bottle tops” like beers or soda pops back in the day, it’s a shame beautiful teeth get cracked and broken.

Or sometimes there might be a thin fracture line, you cannot see with an x-ray or visually, but the dentist have tools that will instantly let him or her know there is a fracture, because when you bite down, it might hurt where the cusp is fractured, then that’s when you might be eating pizza or you bite something hard and then there goes a piece of the tooth.

JDRF Funding Dr. Faustman’s Research

One of our readers left a comment saying he had heard that Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) is refusing to fund Dr. Faustman’s research.

I checked out the JDRF website and, apparently, she is not being funded by them at present, though they seem to tout her work. I contacted JDRF to ask for a statement regarding this but have yet to hear back.

I also found this quote on the site regarding stem cell research. “JDRF is strongly committed to research on regenerating endogenous beta cells in diabetes. In fact, it is one of our six therapeutic targets for the next five years.”

If any of you have inside knowledge about JDRF’s position on funding for Dr. Faustman, I wish you’d let me know. Leave a comment.

HCG Diet Journal: The Concept – number 1

This will be the first is a series of blog journals that will chronicle my HCG diet journey!  I am very excited and a little scared…  Let me tell you all about it.

My dear friend Brittany Moyer is the owner of Northwest Anti Aging and Wellness Center in Battle Ground, Washington (about 45 minutes north of my home SW of Portland.)  Britt’s clinic specializes in a holistic approach to primary healthcare, hormones and then all of the wonderful things that make us feel and look beautiful (skincare, massage, accupuncture etc!).

After extensive research as well as trying the diet herself, Brittany and the NWAAWC if offering the HCG diet to is patients.

I am NOT A DOCTOR. NOT A NURSE. NOT AN EXPERT.  I am a patient, under medical supervision, following a diet with supplements and very strict instructions…

There have been many claims about HCG in the press that run the gamut from ‘miracle’ to ‘modern fraud’.  This is not to validate or investigate anyone else’s findings.  This is simply a report on my personal progress to see if this could work for me.

Brittany tried the diet, lost weight and has offered to share it with me and a number of her other patients.  (I pay for the materials, HCG and shakes, Brittany’s supervision and office visits are comped.  Any other payments in the program – such as to the physical trainer for assessments, I pay out of pocket.)

If you have any questions – post them, and I’ll do my best to answer them honestly and quickly!

The Worst U.S. Cities for Spring Allergies

Do you get seasonal allergies? Are they worse in the spring months? You may not know it, but the city you live in may be on the “worst” list for seasonal allergy sufferers. Do you live in a sneezy city?

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation recently released its list of 2011 Spring Allergy Capitals, and Knoxville, TN, is the #1 city at the top of that list–for the second year in a row. Knoxville, reports the foundation, has a higher-than-average use of allergy medications per patient, and higher-than-average pollen counts.

The top 5 on the spring list this year are:

1. Knoxville, TN
2. Louisville, KY
3. Charlotte, NC
4. Jackson, MS
5. Chattanooga, TN

Are you sneezy this season?

Guy Ritchie goes limp on Cookie Diet

Guy Ritchie apparently lost his will to have sex while on a Diet-Of-The-Moment, where you eat 800 calories a day for three weeks, but some of the calories involve cookies. Considering that the object of his flattened affection was fricking Madonna, arguably the biggest sex icon of our generation, that says a lot about the Cookie Diet, don’t you think? Listen to her interview with a dj who purports to have lost 100 pounds on the crazy fad. She sounds pretty annoyed by engaging in crazy eating and also, thinks that colonics are weird. I don’t know, sticking a tube up your butt seems less crazy than messing with your metabolism by eating only 800 calories a day, but that’s just me.

The Cookie Diet, sadly, is not one that means you exist only on Oreos and freshly baked Tollhouse but rather that you must buy a doctor’s special (read: expensive) lump of grains and amino-acids that he has named a “cookie”. Like Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson, I gave this diet cookie a try. I wasn’t actually planning on following the diet but rather I tend to skip meals when I get too busy to eat (I know, super bad for you), so having something handy in my bag can stave off the hunger overload later in the day. The verdict: remember when you used to make mud pies as a kid, and sometimes you left them out in the sun and they became kind of hard little dirt wafers? That’s the mental flash I had when dealing with the aftertaste of the Diet Cookie. I’ve eaten cookies. I’ve made cookies. I know a cookie and you, sir, are no cookie.

I guess the thing that distresses me is that there are so many other much smarter ways to eat than to open up your wallet for some guy who claims to have the answer to your weight problems. How many times do we have to be burned by the diet industry before we clue in that there are a bunch of scam artists out there? This cookie diet may be absolutely a healthy way to lose weight, providing you all the nutrients and protein you need to get through your day (although not enough to get through a passion session with freaking Madonna), but why not just eat some great tasting real food that comes out of your own kitchen? The kind of food where you know every single ingredient that went into it?

Kind of makes you think of Soylent Green, doesn’t it?

Lose Weight Quickly – In A Fruit-ful Way

The whole concept about the procedures of how to lose weight quickly has been exaggerated and misused by people who claim to be weight losing trainers. A great number of them make use of artificial patterns to aid overweight people lose weight rapidly thereby causing more harm than good.

These overweight people who are so desperate to lose tons of pounds also suffer from inferiority complex due to their excessive weight, however, if they can deal with this complex and feel great about themselves, they would find losing weight a lot easier since the first issue has been dealt with. An overweight individual shouldn’t accept any program recommended unless the weight losing website or trainer explains to you in details, both in technical and simple terms, why the weight loss strategy is suitable for you.

According to a diet and nutrition expert, he postulated that losing too much weight as high as eight pounds a month can really be dangerous to an individual’s health. Not everyone will look so good in slender frames. A size six frame might not be suitable for certain individuals, in fact, some of them might appear sick and unhealthy. Also, an individual with big bones might not have so much flesh and fats, however, may appear big due to the large bones. For such an individual going through rigorous methods of losing weight quickly will be a waste of effort. It would rather pose risk to his or her well being. To successfully achieve proper weight loss in a right manner, knowing the suitable weight loss programs that works for you remains the best bet.

Howbeit, it’s fantastic to know that going organic is so easy and hassle free. No dreadful thoughts of pills, injection, unnecessary hunger strikes  that  make you end up eating  in large quantities and even eventually makes you to add more weight. Those synthetic and hazardous ways are over  and it’s a welcome party for fresh fruits and veggies.  Most people shy away from vegetables and fruits, they think fruits and vegetables are meant for vegetarians  and convalescents. You need to know the wonders that fresh fruits and vegetables offer. They are among the best and natural ways  of losing weight quickly and healthily. If you so much desire to experience effective results on your weight loss scheme and maintain it as well, consumption of fruits and vegetables would be highly recommended by any qualified trainer or reliable weight loss websites. Moreover, holiday periods are the best seasons to cut down on grains and increase vegetables and fruits intake. Eat all sorts of fruits and vegetables.

Fruit and vegetables will always serve as important parts of your daily diet. With self evidence, they are good and contain vitamins and minerals that can help you to remain healthy and fresh. Scientifically, Vegetables and fruit also contain other compounds, antioxidants or phytochemicals that protect the body against diabetes, heart diseases and some types of cancers. There are many varieties of fruit and vegetables within our reach and locality ranging from cucumber, dates, aubergine, Irish grapes, golden melon, water melon, pine-apples, oranges, bananas, apples, guavas, lettuce, spinach, silver-beet, onions, strawberries, rasp berries, blue berries, pears, mandarins, kiwifruits, mangoes, rock melons, apricots, peaches, cabbage, pumpkins, plums, Brussels sprouts, garlic, broccoli, limes, nectarines, tomatoes, avocado and lots more. All fruits and vegetables offer great nutritional values and disease preventive substances.
According to health and nutrition experts, it is advised to eat five kinds of vegetable and two kinds of fruit every day to ensure sound health.

Maximum health and protection against disease comes from eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) guidelines recommend that adults eat minimum of  five kinds of vegetable and two kinds of  fruit daily.

Meanwhile, it is also interesting to know that fruits with the same generally contain similar protective compounds, so try eating colorful fruits and vegetables every day to get the full range of health benefits.  Talking about various types of fruits and vegetables and its amazing nutritional benefits as well as medicinal powers could go on endlessly. Permit me to say that fruits and vegetables apart from water are entities on their own that can make you lose weight quickly. One cannot exaggerate or over –emphasize their usefulness. They are nature’s blessings to us to stay in good health. As simple and organic as they might be, they are great life-savers. It is also enough to say that focusing on just fruits and veggies alone as quick weight shedding pattern assist you in achieving the feat of being fit and healthy. As you eat more and more fruits during the holidays, you find yourself craving more for them and you will gradually reduce the unhealthy fatty foods. Fruits and veggies also eradicate free radicals from the body system gotten from bad fats.  For example, fruits like red fruits, white fruits, green fruits, blue and purple fruits play a great role in fighting life threatening diseases. Below are their fighting properties:

1.Red fruits – like tomatoes and watermelon contain lycopene, which is thought to be       important for fighting prostate cancer and heart disease.

2.Blue and purple foods – such as blueberries and eggplant contain anthocyanins, which help protect the body from cancer.

3.Green vegetables – such as spinach contain lutein and zeaxanthin,  fight against age-related eye disease.

4.White foods – like cauliflower contain sulforaphane and help protect against some cancers.

So why not give fruits and veggies a try instead of going through stressful programs that do not even work.  Managing your weight also means a healthy diet and suitable exercise. Fad diets are not the answer. Knowing your body mass index  could also be an accurate form of detecting and measuring the total amount of fat present in your body. Start a new lease of life with fruits and veggies and see the wonders they perform on you by helping you to lose weight  quickly.

What does Green Diarrhea Mean

Green Diarrhea, also known as green bowel movement, can be caused by a number of factors. However, most of them can be dietary in nature. In many cases, greenish stools are quite common and not actually harmful. Hence, they should not be a concern for those who are able to experience them.  However, there are cases when the cause for such conditions is a serious one.  For example, it is possible that green diarrhea indicates chronic infection which is caused by harmful organisms. It is also possible that the condition is a result of some typical gastrointestinal issues.

If green bowel movement does not stop, further examination and check-up of a health care professional is definitely necessary. The typical hue of bile is yellow green, which is either secreted by the liver into the intestines or stored by the gall bladder. The bile’s function is to process all fatty acids. When normal stool passes from the intestines into the colon; the bile secretion changes in color, from green to dark bright yellow to dark brown. When movement time of the bowel is increased for whatever underlying issue, the bowel or stool will take on a greenish color.

Green stools can likewise be caused by the proliferation of protozoa as they invade and infect the body’s gastrointestinal tract. Giardia lamblia is one of the protozoan types that can cause greenish and slimy bowel movement. This protozoa is responsible for greenish and frothy type of diarrhea, with the infected person likewise suffering from abdominal cramps. Since Giardia lamblia protozoa attach themselves to the walls of the small intestines, they induce a fat malabsorption. However, there is no blood present in the bowel, unlike in other types of diarrhea.

Oftentimes, especially when green pooping condition caused by Giardia persists, there is a need for thorough examination. Examination of the condition can be done by testing the patient’s specimen. Cysts caused by Giardia lamblia protozoa can be detected accurately using immune-fluorescence detection procedures.  Likewise, antigen detection on the organisms found in specimens is another efficient diagnosis of green bowel movement primarily caused by Giardia protozoa.

Green Diarrhea is likewise a condition that is common among infants. Oftentimes, many breast-fed babies manifest watery and greenish bowel movements. In case of toddlers, it is likewise quite common. It is due to the indigestion of food, as well as the presence and proliferation of Giardia lamblia in the gastrointestinal tract.

Another cause of green bowel movement includes foods moving through the digestive tracts quickly. It is most likely caused by food poisoning, presence of protozoa or virus and food allergies. Other common causes include eating of contaminated food or water and consumption of too much raw fruits and vegetables which are improperly cleaned or cooked.

One of the most popular treatments of patients with green diarrhea is metronidazole, which must be taken for one full week. Another drug of choice is quinacrine, which is also administered for one week in adults and young children. Another effective medicine that can be used for treating this condition is furazolidone, which is given to patients for a maximum of ten days. Such medicines actually work well in treating green bowel movements caused by the protozoa Giardia lamblia. Of course, before taking any of these drugs, one must first seek professional advice of a licensed doctor.

Additional Information as below:

http://www.healthguidehq.com/green-diarrhea.html and http://www.healthguidehq.com/what-does-green-poop-mean.html